Kelley Altom does more than just “weigh-in” athletes at Goldstandard Systems, Inc. As an Exercise Physiologist/Entrepreneur, Kelley created the first mobile Hydrostatic Weighing body fat system in the mid 1990’s to address the needs of high school wrestlers and has personally assessed over 12,000 participants. Kelley was contracted by the Illinois High School Athletic Association to pioneer their Wrestling Weight Control Program and is a consultant for the Michigan High School Athletic Association Wrestling Weight Monitoring Program.
Kelley specializes in Anthropometry and developing sport-specific weight management systems, however, his consulting services have also been sought out by University Medical Centers, Fortune 500 companies, State High School Associations and top fitness centers for research, speaking engagements and other health & wellness related needs. Kelley’s most famous client was President Barack Obama who consulted with him from 2000-2003.
Kelley currently has a private business in Chicago, IL.