Course Instructor: Kelley Robert Altom M.S.Ed

Kelley is an Exercise Physiologist and ISAK Certified Anthropometrist Level 3 with over 15 years’ experience: To learn more about Kelley click here


Fall course are closed: Spring/Summer dates TBA


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This course is designed for Healthcare Providers, Fitness Professionals, Sports Dietitians & Nutritionists, Coaches and Educators that work with and/or want to work with wrestlers in the state of Illinois. As an IHSA Certified Body Fat Assessor you will join an elite group of professionals with the skills and knowledge to assess a wrestler’s hydration status, body weight and percent body fat following standardized procedures. These measurements are part of the Nationally Mandated Wrestling Weight Control Program to determine the minimum weight class a wrestler can safely compete at and a safe weight loss timeline to ensure a wrestler is not losing to much weight too fast.


All students should possess or currently be completing a University degree or accredited certification in a relevant field.

This course is for Healthcare providers and fitness professionals that work with or desire to work with high school wrestlers in the state of Illinois. Students will learn the standardized procedures for accurately assessing a wrestlers hydration status, body weight and percent body fat using the 3-site skinfold technique. In addition to developing a high level of technical skill you will acquire the theory base necessary for using anthropometry professionally for the IHSA Wrestling Weight Certification Program.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the rationale for the Nationally Mandated Wrestling Weight Certification Program and the rules & regulations used to enforce them
  • Demonstrate proper manipulation, calibration and maintenance of various types of refractometers and skinfold calipers
  • Demonstrate adequate technical precision in assessing a wrestler’s hydration status using various types of refractometers
  • Demonstrate adequate technical precision in assessing a wrestlers’ percent body fat using the 3-site skinfold technique
  • Describe the assumptions and sources of measurement error associated with the skinfold technique for determining percent body fat
  • Explain the rationale for the body fat appeal and what circumstances would recommending more accurate and comprehensive body fat techniques be encouraged.
  • Take the data collection and enter it onto the IHSA website

Course Fee: $35 per Student

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